Equipping Tracks

Commitment to growth

We have the privilege to be called disciples of Jesus, and the enormous responsibility to make disciples. This transformational journey is a work of God, a lifelong journey of growth amidst failures and challenges. Some practical tools that have helped many in this journey are made available for all benefit in the form of tracks.

equipping tracks

Foundations for Life 

The Bible teaches the importance of a strong foundation to enable weathering the storms of life. We believe this is a crucial aspect of your walk with the Lord. To facilitate this building process, we have several tracks namely, the Foundation Course, which focuses on key revelations of the Bible such as ‘Who is God?’, ‘What is Sin’, etc., and the later half on building habits that facilitating fruitfulness and holistic growth.

“For the first time in my life, I experienced God’s peace and love which filled my heart with a joy that I cannot explain. The foundation course helped me to understand God’s unending love for me. Through the foundation course I learnt about God’s purpose for me, his mercy, and gift of salvation. I also learnt how to communicate with our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ and understood the power of prayer even more. During the foundation course, a lot of things that were just concepts became reality to me”.

– Saadhika

Next Steps

Other Equipping Tracks.

Discovering your Ministry

Discovering your Mission

Debt-free Living

Marriage Course

Pre-Marriage Course

Dynamic Leadership Course

Counselling Course

Parenting Course

And many more…

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