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In an effort to aid the fight against COVID-19, we kindly request you to use e-banking facilities for all financial transactions.

|Bombay Baptist Church| || RTGS / NEFT / IMPS || IFSC Code: HDFC0000085 A/c. No:00851000044155 HDFC Bank, Saving Account, Wode House branch. Payment Gateway

Bombay Baptist Church COVID-19

Community Response


Due to the lockdown that we are presently going through in India, some of our congregational members are affected due to stoppage of their daily incomes. We as a church want to respond to this need in our community and have decided to buy groceries that will help them during this tough time.

We are passing them the following items in packets to cater for one family:-

(a) Rice – 5 Kg
(b) Atta – 5 Kg
(c) Toor Dal – 1Kg
(d) Chana Dal – 1 Kg
(e) Tea – 500 gms
(f) Sugar – 1 Kg
(g) Salt – 1 Packet
(h) Turmeric, Chilly & Coriander powder – 1 Pkt each
(i) Pulses – 1 Kg
(j) Oil – 1L


The cost of all these is Rs. 950 per packet. To keep this rolling, we are planning to give 100 such packets as of now and will increase the need as required in due course.



Do pass on your donations specifically for this as ‘COVID response’ by NEFT/ on-line transfer to the BBC account.

Do pass on a screen shot of your donation to Benny – 99209 04896 for receipts & accounting.

The account details are available below.

Bank account Details for COVID-19

Bombay Baptist Church
A/c. NO.00851000044155
HDFC Bank, Saving Account.
Branch : Wode House