Being a mission- focused church, we are constantly looking upwards and outwards for opportunities to make our lives count for Jesus! At BBC, with a plethora of equipping tracks, we are able to see God work through us to reach our local and global community for Him!



For people wanting to find out more about the Christian faith, we suggest they go on our Foundation Course.

Foundation Course

Do you have questions like…

    • How do I belong?
    • How do I overcome temptation?
    • How to obtain freedom from fear of death?
    • How do I know Him?
    • Who is God?
    • Is there a God?
    • Is there a purpose in life…and many such questions

Then this course is for you. A time to learn and a time to ask questions.


3 hrs Once a Week For 8 weeks that includes a weekend together.

What happens at the course?

TEACHING: There are 16 topics that are taught by trainers during this period with some yummy veg & no-veg lunch to fuel you !

DISCUSSION in smaller groups where your individual questions are answered. This is done over a cup of tea.At the end of the Course, we spend a weekend together (from Friday evening to Sunday evening).

Here we are further equipped through workshops and interaction.

Benefits of this Course

Be equipped to face life, be filled with hope for the future, experience freedom from within, meet new friends

Who can sign up?

Anyone who is searching for answer to life’s questions and tired of living an ‘up & down’ life.Contact us to find out when the next course begins.

Dynamic Leadership Course
Teachers Training Course




Pre-Marital Course
Marriage Course
Parenting Course
Debt-Free Course

We have further courses to help raise up and train leaders who seek to shoulder responsibilities for our growing churches.

Debt Free Living

Pre marriage Course - Alpha

Marriage Seminars

Parenting Seminars

Youth Leaders Training Course

Teachers Training Course


As a movement of churches, we believe that Christians should be consistently growing in their faith and walk with God. To help with this, we have put together resources that will nurture this journey.

      Discovering My Mission
      Discovering My Ministry

For those who are a part of us, we run, ‘Discovering my Mission’ & ‘Discovering my Ministry’ course. These one-off afternoon session will help you look at areas in the life of the church, where your skills and talents could be used.

There is lots of training available within our churches for those who wish to embrace their potential and calling in God.

Please contact us to find out how you can get involved.